SOLE is excited to bring a variety of events to round out the conference experience.

EPIC Ski Day - Friday 4/5

It is closing weekend for us here at Crested Butte and we will be hosting a SOLE ski day up at the mountain. Crested Butte Mountain Resort has recently been bought by Vail meaning that your EPIC pass will work for free skiing. Along with this, we are in talks with CBMR to help provide a day for those without passes still wanting to ski. Check back for updates soon!

Climbing Competition - Friday 4/5

Save some energy for a climbing comp that will be taking place Friday night as we kickoff the weekend. Enjoy wacky costumes, brilliant commentary, and fun competition as you compete in different categories for a variety of prizes from our sponsors.

Movie Night - Friday 4/5

For those wanting to relax and not participate in the climbing comp, we will be hosting two separate films to watch during these hours. Attendees are encouraged to come and go as they please to cheer on their friends for the comp.

Dirtbag Breakfast - Saturday 4/6

Saturday morning we will gather around for a large breakfast of warm breakfast burritos. Schools are asked to bring two burner stoves and we will make a huge group breakfast that could satisfy anyones dietary needs. Coffee will be provided but you are encouraged to bring your own cup.

Bonfire and Bonding - Saturday 4/6

Saturday night we will be hosting a bonfire (weather permitting) and local pizza party for attendees to get together, meet the days presenters, and have some informal networking time.

Career Fair - Gear Swap - Endnote Speaker - Sunday 4/7

Sunday morning we will have a career fair full of potential jobs, a gear swap - Bring the gear you no longer want and make some money! - and we will close with our endnote speaker.